#RIEndGame: Rhode Island's 5th Annual Kick Butts Day Zombie Walk

Welcome to the 5th Annual Kick Butts Day Zombie Walk registration. The event will kick off at the Beneficent Church - Round Top Center located on 300 Weybosset Street, Providence 02903. We will use the Chestnut Street entrance. Teen zombies from across the state will send a collective message about the dangers of tobacco and nicotine use in zombie style and highlight local level tobacco control work that is being done to promote tobacco free living.

Please be aware, this event is for high school teens grades 9-12 only. Teens cannot register for this event as an individual. Teens who would like to participate MUST be associated with a teen group, community-based organization, and/or school group and must have the program director/coordinator register the group. The program director and or coordinator must attend and supervise their teen participants.

Teen groups and programs will be responsible for coordinating and collecting parent/guardian consent, permissions, transportation to and from the event (as per school, group, or organization's policy) and photo release forms. Please be aware of the adult-to-teen ratio. There should be one adult zombie for every 10-15 high school age zombies (between 1-to-10 and 1-to-15).

The event doors will open at 2:30PM. Upon sign-in, photo release forms will be collected, participants will receive a black Zombie T-shirt and other promotional items (while supplies last). Adults will receive a red Zombie T-shirt. During this time teens will be zombified in face make-up followed by a teen led presentation about the purpose of the day and instructions on the walking route.

The actual Zombie Walk from Downtown to the Statehouse will begin around 5 PM. The exact start time may be subject to change, however please note that the Zombie Walk will in fact occur.

Registered groups will receive a confirmation email with additional event information and Kick Butts Day Zombie Walk Planning Kit with talking points, event details, photo release forms, post event details, and more.

Zombie Walk Schedule
2:30 - 4:30PM Teens will be zombified
4:30 - 5:00PM Zombie Briefing + Presentation
5:00 - 5:30PM Zombie Walk to Statehouse
5:30 - 6:30PM Statehouse Rally Style Press Conference & Call to Action
6:30 - 7:30PM Zombie Post Apocalypse Gathering + Eats
**This is a free event. The time frame above is subject to change as we draw closer to the date.

More zombie details to come.............we will keep an eye on the weather and notify the registration contact if there is in climate weather or delays. If you have any questions feel free to contact Benvinda Santos at Benvinda.santos@health.ri.gov or call 222-7637.

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How many teens do you plan to bring to the Zombie Walk? We will contact you as the event draws closer to confirm the number. *
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Zombie Apocalypse After Event....
There will be an "after walk" reception immediately following the press conference approx. 6:15PM - 7:30PM at the Department of Administration cafeteria across from the Statehouse. There will be sandwiches, snacks and refreshments (while supplies last). All press conference attendees are welcome. Does your group plan to attend? *
Is your teen group/agency working on a local tobacco control policy (licensing, tobacco free outdoor places, other)? *
Please describe the local tobacco control policy your teen group/agency is working on or would like to pursue. *
Do you plan to invite local decision makers, school administrators and or movers and shakers from your area? *
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