Student Registration for BCOE Students
1. I have read all the rules and regulations of admission declared by University for the Current year and undertake to abide the same.
2. The information given by me in my application is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
3. I have not been debarred from appearing at any examination held by Govt. , University, College or any statutory body in India.
4. I hereby agree to conform to any rules, acts and laws enforced by Govt. and I hereby undertake that so long as I remain student of the college, I will do nothing either inside or outside the college which may result in disciplinary action against me under the rules, acts and laws.
5. I fully understand that the Principal of Bharat College of Engineering, Badlapur west will have full authority to expel me from the college for any infringement of the rules of conduct and discipline.
6. I am aware that there is likely to be a change in fee structure and I undertake to pay fee, whatsoever approved by the Fee Regulating Authority.
7. I shall not ask for a transfer from this college to any other college.
8. I am aware that, I will not be allowed to appear for the examination if I do not attend 75% classes in theory and 100% practicals.
9. I also know that, I will not be allowed to appear for the examinations if I fail to submit the satisfactorily all the assignment, jobs, journals, drawing, report as specified by the norms of University within stipulated time.
10. I am aware that if I indulge in Anti-National Activities contrary to the provisions of acts and laws enforced by the Govt. and any such activity contrary to rules and disciplinary norms as stated above may result in disciplinary action without prior notice from Principal and that I may expelled from the college due to the same.
11. I know that according to Maharashtra Prohibition of ragging Act 1999, ragging of any kind Physical or Mental within or outside the campus is strictly
prohibited by law. A student found and proved accused in the same will be debarred from the course and shall not be admitted in any educational institution for a period of 5 years from the date of his dismissal. Convicted student may be punished with imprisonment for a term upto 2 years / or penalty which may extend upto Ten Thousand Rupees.
12. I have also read all the Anti Ragging Rules Regulations of AICTE and UGC and I hereby undertake to abide by all these rules and regulations and to give anti ragging undertaking to the Institute.
13. I am aware that it is mandatory to fill-in the online E-Scholarship / Freeship Form for the Reserved Category (SC/ST/DT/NT/OBC/SBC) at and submit duly filled-in print copy to the Students Section (Principal Office) within 15 days from the date of admission. Failing to do so, I am liable to pay the entire fees.
14. I shall open a Saving Bank Account in Union Bank of India, Sion branch and furnish the details of the Account Number, MICR CODE, NEFT CODE within 15 days from the date of admission.

This data will be used for all type of communication with students like Placement , Projects , Internships, deployement on live projects , mentoring for project or startup, Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entreprenuership etc

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