Letter of Reference Form
Please fill out this form at least 4 weeks before your first deadline if you would like a reference letter from Dr. Cunningham.

Please be sure to email our lab manager at manager.cunningham@gmail.com to notify Dr. Cunningham of your request as well as send your CV, transcript, and personal statement. Include a list of the schools/programs you are applying to, when each application is due, and instructions for how to submit the reference (e.g. a secure URL sent by the school, mail, etc). If you were a student in one of Dr. Cunningham's classes, please include any papers/assignments you submitted in his class. It is your responsibility to send all of these materials on time.

Send your official reference requests on your application form to wil.cunningham@socialneuro.psych.utoronto.ca

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If you took one of Dr. Cunningham's classes: a) What was the course code? b) What did you contribute to the class? c) What was your final grade?
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If you volunteered in the lab: a) Who did you work with? b) What did you work on? c) How long did you volunteer?
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Are there any specific qualities or experiences that you would like Dr. Cunningham to address in your reference letter? If so, please list them here.
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