COntrolling You is COntrolling Me: Understanding the Parallels between CoDependency and Eating Disorders
Presenter: Celia W. Webb, MS, LAPC

Date: August 18, 2017

Using the scale indicated below, please place the appropriate number after each statement to indicate the degree to which you agree or disagree with the statement.

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The program was clear and well organized.
The program met the stated learning objective: Participants will be able to list at least two parallels between control and manipulation within eating disorder clients and clients with codependency.
The program met the stated learning objective: Participants will be able to describe how emotional dependency is created and preserved within relational dynamics and behaviors.
The program met the stated learning objective: Participants will be able to describe one way in which codependency within eating disorder clients impacts the family and the roles that emerge in an unhealthy family system.
The program met the stated learning objective: Participants will be able to effectively describe codependency anorexia and how starvation from intimacy fuels their eating disorder.
Presenter(s) displayed thorough knowledge of/expertise in the topics covered.
Presenter(s) effectively taught/presented the material and answered questions satisfactorily.
The information presented was relevant and useful to my practice.
Teaching methods were effective and appropriate for the subject matter.
Participant/presenter interaction / discussion was adequate.
Information/skills can contribute to the achievement of personal or professional goals.
The program stayed on schedule.
The visual/auditory supports used clarified content.
Overall, the program met or exceeded my expectations.
Concepts were based on a methodological, theoretical, research and/or practical knowledge base relevant to psychological practice, education or science.
Instruction was at a level appropriate to psychological education/experience.
Cultural, racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and gender differences were considered.
The physical facilities were comfortable, accessible, and maneuverable.
The following information was made clearly evident: 1.Any known commercial support (for program, instructor, content of instruction or product reviewed) and any other relationship that could reasonably be construed as a conflict of interest. 2.The accuracy and utility of the materials presented, the basis of such statements, the limitations of the content being taught, and the severe and most common risks.
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What was your overall impression of the event? What went well? What could have been improved or done differently?
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Briefly describe what you learned that was new, interesting, or different. How will this information change the way you practice?
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