Music Camp in Poland (MUZOLINGUA project)
Muzolingua International is an educational project for musically gifted youth.  The idea is to instill a love of folk music among the participants, showing it as a source of inspiration for creating contemporary compositions.  The project is also aimed at educating young musicians, but a very practical education that they will not acquire in the traditional course of education.  The activities planned are aimed at self-promotion in social media, publishing your work on digital platforms, working in the studio, compositional techniques, stage movement, etc.

The linguistic and integrative aspect is also important.  The participants come from Great Britain, Spain, Sweden and Poland.  The age group is 16-24 years old.  Workshops will be conducted in English.

Each partner selects five participants who will meet at four-week educational camps in each of the partner countries.  Young people will be accompanied by experienced instructors.  The organizers provide accommodation, transport and full board.  It is important that the participants take their musical instruments, accessories and clothes for a mountain trip.  The route is not too demanding, but a warm light jacket and high boots are necessary.

Music Camp in Poland (November 1-8, 2021)
The first camp will take place in Poland - Jabłonka (Małopolska-Nowy Targ district)
Flights to: Kraków airport (BALICE)

Workshops will be held at the Orava Music School.

The final concert will take place in the auditorium of the Orawa Cultural Center in Jabłonka.

Accommodation of participants - Dwór Pan Tadeusz

The activity programme can be checked here:
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