Pull for Pride 2020 - Host City/Meet Director Application
The following form is an application to become a Meet Director for Pull for Pride 2020 (PFP). We will be choosing 10 cities to host Pull for Pride 2020, with possible expansion. Submitting this application does not ensure that you will be a Meet Director. We will contact you by December 2020 to let you know if you've been chosen!
Eligibility for PFP 2020 Host City/Meet Director
To be eligible to become a PFP 2020 Meet Director you must:
- be responsible for locating and securing a location for the meet, including obtaining permits for the venue if you wish to hold the meet outdoors.
- live in the city where you are planning to host the meet.
- be present and available to run the full meet.
- advertise PFP 2020 in your community.
- organize volunteers to assist in running the meet.
- gather opening attempts for all lifters.
- be available for monthly check-ins with PFP Co-Directors.
- spend a minimum of 3 hours per week organizing for the meet, which may increase to 5-10 hours per week in the month of June.

***New for PFP 2020***
PFP meets are a safe space for all with the intent to build community and raise money for LGBTQ non-profits. Raising money for local organizations is an incredible endeavor, one we take deep pride in. However, it is critical our support for LGBTQ people extends beyond fundraising. Knowing what issues impact LGBTQ people, such as criminal justice, immigration, nondiscrimination, voting rights, access to healthcare, and how we can continue to show up for the community everyday is crucial to creating a truly inclusive space.

For 2020, PFP would like to build on the meet/fundraiser model we have used for several years by adding a half-day or day-long LGBTQ seminar the day before a meet. The seminars are great places to learn about issues impacting LGBTQ people in your host city. Seminars can take many forms, covering topics like the state of LGBTQ equality at the city and/or state level, trans-specific cultural competency training, LGBTQ get out the vote efforts, or even working with the benefiting LGBTQ non-profit to develop a seminar specific to the work the non-profit does.

The seminar addition is NOT a requirement to apply and be selected as a PFP 2020 host city, but preference is given to applications that will include a seminar.

The last day to apply to become a Pull for Pride 2020 Meet Director is November 30, 2019. If you have any questions, concerns, or want to talk through seminar ideas, please contact breanna@pullforpride.com or jaycee@pullforpride.com

*Please note: If we have numerous applications for one city, we may ask you to work with a co-director/assistant director. Preference is given to applications listing local/city LGBTQIA organizations that are run-by/serve queer and/or trans people of color (QTPOC) as benefiting orgs.
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