Model UN Talent Show Application
Please complete this application in order to participate in the 2019 Lampeter-Strasburg Model United Nations Talent Show. This year's acts will be performing in between Pioneer of the Year Competition segments. We plan to select 4 acts per age group: i.e. 4 Elementary Acts, 4 Middle School Acts, and 4 High School Acts.
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Please list the best email to reach a parent or guardian if we have questions in regards to your act.
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Section/Homeroom Teacher
*MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS ONLY ... Example: 7N/Mrs. Gleiberman
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Please list in the following format: Name/Age/Gender/Phone/Email (e.g., John Smith/10/M/555-5555/
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Should be no more than five minutes unless approved by Mr. Adam Titter (email inquiries to
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Link to YouTube video of performance for evaluation. (Required) *
Please upload a video of your performance to YouTube; you may opt for a private video, in which case you should share it with, which will allow us to see it. If you have any concerns uploading a YouTube video, please contact Mr. Adam Titter at to arrange for dropping off a hard copy DVD. Directions on uploading a YouTube video:
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