Doin It Wrong Recruitment
Thank you for your interest in Doin It Wrong. We are a PVP focused wormhole corporation that inhabits a C4 with C4/C3 statics. If you are interested make sure to fill this survey out and include a full-non expiry API key. Once this has been processed a director can chat with you on our teamspeak.
Main Character Name
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API Verification Code
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API and names for Alt Accounts/Characters you want in corporation
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What TZ do you primarily play in?
Are you new to Wormhole Space?
Do you require help with scanning and directional scan mechanics?
How did you hear about our corp?
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We do have doctrines. Please check which ships you can fly.
If other or support ships, please specify which ones you can fly:
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Are you capable of making isk independently without corp guidance?
Do you have any questions for us?
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