Warren Mott High School - Parent Survey September 2015

Thank you in advance for your help with this survey!
Please take a few moments to fill out this survey which will help the school to better understand the needs of our parents and students.
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    3. I have an understanding of how my son/daughter is performing academically at school.
    4. I believe that WMHS supports students so they succeed.
    5. The school is orderly and supports learning.
    6. My child tells me that he/she gets to work with technology at school.
    7. The school continuously seeks ways to improve its programs and activities.
    8. My child feels safe at school.
    9. I know what my child is expected to learn this year.
    10. The school is clean and well maintained.
    11. Teachers and administrators at WMHS are easy to access.
    12. The school staff prepares students to deal with issues and problems they will face in the future.
    13. I am well informed about the academic progress of my son/daughter.
    14. Teachers provide instructional activities that give students options to learn in more than one way.
    15. Teachers have high expectations for themselves and students at school.
    16. Additional support and instructional time are provided for my child when needed.
    17. Students are honored for doing good work.
    18. The school’s goals for students are clear.
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