Call for Proposals - TransCon 2024
Please fill out this form to submit your workshop/presentation proposal for TransCon 2024, scheduled for early September 2024 in Wilton Manors, FL.

About Aqua Foundation for Women:

Since 2004, AQUA Foundation for Women has been proud to be BY and FOR South Florida’s LGBTQ+ Women, as we believe we are the experts on our own lives and needs. Our mission is to serve & support the Education, Wellbeing, and Community or South Florida's LGBTQ+ Women. As an inclusive nonprofit organization, AQUA embraces all who feel aligned with AQUA’s mission and vision, regardless of their gender identity, presentation, or expression, and proudly welcomes our gender-diverse, transgender, and intersex siblings.

About TransCon:

Anti-trans violence, rhetoric, and legislation is on the rise in the United States. As of May 2024, at least 9 transgender lives have already been lost to anti-trans violence in the US. Transgender individuals make up just 1.6% of the adult population, yet are the subject of almost 600 pieces of legislation restricting their rights introduced in 2023 alone. Transgender individuals face huge disparities and discrimination in all areas of society including: Healthcare, Education, Employment, & Houselessness.

TransCon seeks to address these disparities by:

  • Educating transgender/nonbinary individuals as well as allies
  • Facilitating a brave & accessible space for transgender/nonbinary individuals to convene, learn, and build community
  • Connecting transgender/nonbinary individuals to direct services
TransCon 2024 will center around the following themes: 
  • Whole Person Wellness
  • Celebrating Queer Community
  • Engaging in Our Democracy
Workshop and speaker stipends will be in the range of $250 - $750, dependent upon services offered.
This will be a multi-lingual and accessible event, so workshops/services in Spanish, Haitian Kreyol, Portuguese, ASL and others strongly encouraged.

Examples of past workshops include:
"Breathing While Black & Trans"
"The Intersection of Transgender and Gender-Diverse Identity and Neurodiversity: An Exploration of Minority Stress"
"Trans Self-Love & Empowerment"
"Gender, Spirit, & the Greater Everglades: Two-Spirit History & Environmentalism"

Examples of past services include:
Free Gender-Affirming Closet (clothes, accessories, perfume/cologne, etc.)
Free Gender-Affirming Materials Pop-Up (trans tape, tucking/packing underwear, etc.)
Free Barbering and Makeup Services
Youth Space
Decompression/Sensory Space
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