Wendy Higgins Critique Form
This form will put you on the waiting list for a critique from Wendy Higgins. Wendy will be in touch to schedule a time.
All projects must be submitted in a .doc/.docx file, double spaced, with size 12 Times New Roman font (this is the standard for professional submission). Wendy will use Track Changes in Word to make comments/edits.
Turn around time for a query letter or synopsis is 2-4 days. Turn around for a manuscript critique is 3 weeks. Wendy will provide all communication via email, and will reply promptly.
A critique does not include technical editing such as spelling, grammar, or punctuation. A critique will focus on content: characterization, plot, timing/pacing, setting/world building, etc. She will notate anything that stands out to her while reading, and suggest possible fixes.
Please remember that reading is subjective. Wendy will let you know what she enjoyed about your work, and what can make it better, in her honest opinion. You may not like or agree with her interpretation and feedback. Her critique will be based on her time as an English teacher, years of writing experience, working with agents and editors of publishing houses, and many, many reader critiques of her own work.
Payment will be required in full, up front for query letters, synopsis critiques, and partial critiques. For a full manuscript critique, 50% deposit will be required via PayPal before beginning, and the other 50% will be due upon receipt of the full critique.
An Editor/Author contract will be sent for full manuscript critiques.
Wendy will NOT be able to offer a professional endorsement/blurb for any work that she has been paid to critique. Thank you for understanding.
Please email her with any questions at wendyhigginswrites@gmail.com.
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