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Renaissance is a blog, community and a magazine-venture to promote creative-professionals and influencers – a symbiotic link where influencers post on the content created by the artists while the artists get direct recognition because the influencer would talk about the content firsthand; implementing a perfect balance. The problem with the algorithms of today's content-platforms is that - fame and recognition is being casted upon the people and entities who are already relevant, big and famous; and sometimes the lack of moderation is causing the entire demographic to witness more forms of art which is actually derogatory, and/or disgraceful.
Adding to that; the current systems work in such a way (paid-promotions and the algorithm) that only favours to the promotion of the already-established entities who have an abundance of capital; there used to be a time when everyone could find a community through their work but now; it's an ugly-dystopia.

Commercialization is another issue; which is slowly but steadily; destroying the reason why artists choose to be artists – it used to be achieving purely art for the contentment of one’s passion and creativity but now it is more about fame, recognition and money. Influencers are compelled to talk about 'products' and as long as they do that; they are considered to be 'relevant' by the algorithm; and there is next to nobody that focuses on talking about real talent; giving us creative-professionals an opportunity to stand-up and showcase our work.

We all have seen that upcoming artists and budding creative-professionals from countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and so on; are undermined and it is really unfair to witness that prevail. Nobody really talks about them for ‘reasons.’

So we have planned to launch this digital-blog driven by a community of like-minded and talented network of artists and content-creators and it will be called 'Renaissance'. We will be publishing a magazine on all digital-forms with global-reach; featuring artwork and stories done by gifted-people like you. The best part about it is - advertising over here is absolutely free; because we are targeting against the highly-commercialized model of capitalism; which only diminishes creativity and focuses on mass-production.

We at renaissance; welcome everyone with an open-mind and an open-heart!

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