Petition to Keep Physics and Chemistry Departments Independent!
The CSU administration has proposed sweeping changes under the “CSU 2.0” plan. The plan combines the departments of Physics and Chemistry into one Department of Chemistry and Physics. This merger threatens to:

a) dilute the quality of both programs academically. For example:

· Jearl Walker will NOT teach at CSU as his textbook won't allow him to teach at a joint dept.

· Faculty and grad students may be asked to teach outside their discipline, leading to a less rigorous educational experience.

· Upper level courses may be merged and lose the disciplinary focus they currently have.

b) downgrade the reputation of both departments from a university to a liberal arts college level (which often use combined science depts.);

c) hurt research funding opportunities for undergraduates;

d) eliminate the ability for double majors to benefit from two distinct academic majors and networks;

e) weaken the active student communities within each major, which are strengthened by shared course loads and disciplinary traditions.

Signing this form shows your support to keep the Physics and Chemistry departments in the form that they currently exist: as distinct and independent department

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