Creative+ Arts Camp 2019 Facilitator Application Form

日期:2019年4月23日至4月27日 (為期五天)
名額: 35位學生活動助教

截止日期:2019年4月7日 (星期日)

- 本港大專院校學生、中四至中六學生及對藝術教育/創意教育有興趣的青年朋友
- 積極主動、富責任感
- 參與3月30日和4月13日的培訓,培訓時間為早上10點到下午5點
- 能參與整個活動的學生活動助理可獲優先參加資格
- 擁有培訓經驗或藝術/教育背景會優先考慮

備註 :
- 青年廣場會提供午膳及津貼給予參加「敢創.藝術營」的學生活動助教。如出席率達100%便可獲頒發證書乙張。
- 請於下方表格中的恰當位置寫一份一百字以內、中文或英文的自我簡介以便我們能更全面地了解你。


主辦:香港藝術發展局 | 策劃夥伴:青年廣場

We are looking for young energetic facilitators to join us this Easter holiday as we welcome more than 600 local primary school students to a day camp where art meets the community. If you are someone with a passion for teaching or facilitation, look no further and join us as a Project Assistant!

Dates: 23 April 2019 (Tuesday) - 27 April 2019 (Saturday)
Venue: Youth Square
Quota: 35 assistants
Language: Cantonese
Application Deadline: 25 March 2019

- Must be above the age of 18 from local tertiary institutions
- Have a good sense of responsibility.
- There will be two training sessions on 30 March 2019 (10am to 5pm) and 13 April 2019 (10am to 5pm)
- Applicants who are available for all 5 days of the camp will be given priority.
- Facilitation experience or a background in Art or Education will be an added bonus.

- Lunch and allowance will be provided for the duration of the Arts Camp (23 - 27 April). Certificates will be issued to facilitators at the end of the camp provided that the facilitators achieve full attendance.
- In order to let us know more about your personality, please provide a self-introduction paragraph (within 100 words, in Chinese or English) in the appropriate space below.

For any queries, please send an email to:

Organiser: Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Curatorship: Youth Square

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所屬學校或機構 Which school/organisation are you from?
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你從哪些途徑知道這活動消息? How did you get to know about this Arts Camp? *
你是否擁有或正在修讀藝術/教育相關的學位嗎? Are you currently an undergraduate/graduate in the Art or Education field? *
你為甚麼有興趣想參與這次活動呢? Why do you feel interested in joining us in this event as a Facilitator?
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你覺得一個良好的課堂應該是怎樣的呢? What do you think a great lesson should look like?
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是否有陪伴特殊教育的經驗?Have you had any experience interacting with people with Special Education Needs? *
你曾有帶領小組的經驗嗎(例如組爸組媽)?如有,一共有多少次? How many times have you been a group facilitator? *
你有小學生培訓/教學經驗嗎?Do you have any prior experience in being a facilitator for or teaching primary school students? *
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