I put out a Tweet yesterday that got some really positive feedback on the topic of undergraduate friendships, and their importance in knowledge creation. Since a couple people expressed that they wanted to write something on this topic as well I figured putting together a no-worries no-stress zine on the topic might be fun!

Shoot me your art, photography, and writing on the topic of the bonds you have with your friends with/as students, and how that influences the way you understand the world! Some ideas include:
- Who are your student-to-student friends? How were these bonds created?
- What ways have your student-to-student relationships influenced your research interests? Vice-versa?
- Where did you make your student-to-student friends? Why was this space/place important?
- Why have your student-to-student friendships remained important over time?
- How do you feel you've influenced your student-to-student friendships for the better? How can you be a better friend to the students around you?
But please feel free to twist and shape the topic in any way you see fit!

While the original Tweet called on undergraduate friendships specifically non-undergraduate students of all types are welcome to submit! I only ask that you please remember to specify what type of student you are!

If you are submitting writing (creative fiction/non-fiction, essays, unessays, paragraphs, friendship testimonials, poetry, etc):
- If the writing has been handwritten please scan the page and submit a high-quality image or .PDF.
- If the writing has been written using a computer please upload a high-quality .PDF, Google Drive file, or use the text submission box.

If you are submitting art (photography, traditional art, digital art, etc):
- Please upload a high-quality .PNG or .PDF (unless the quality is part of the art).
- If your submission is artistic assets of some type please upload a .PSD or .AI.

If you are submitting a page or spread:
- Please upload an .INDD.

Due to my own time constraints I ask that all submissions be in no later than Valentine's Day 2018 (February 14th, 2018). If you would like to submit but are unable to make that deadline let me know via Twitter (@mxmoireabh) and I'll do my best to work with you! You'll be notified when your pieces are accepted or not no later than February 18th, 2018. I encourage submitting multiple pieces(!), however due to space constraints not all pieces will necessarily be accepted and you'll be informed of which pieces have been accepted and which have not.

I look forward to seeing everyone's submissions!

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