Vaccination - General Public authorized groups...
We now have an opportunity to start a vaccination program for selected public groups currently allowed by the government in recent announcements. This includes two groups:

1. Age 60 and above (updated 3/22) - look here:
2. Vaccination for individuals with specified medical conditions - look here:

The vaccine is AstraZeneca for age-related vaccination up to age 69 and Pfizer for 70+ and medical conditions. The medical provider is Jutro Medical. Depending on numbers, we have the opportunity to arrange a Saturday or evening session for the vaccination of these groups onsite at ASW.

Please fill the form by Wednesday, March 24 (updated!).

This form must be filled out for every individual being vaccinated. You may fill this out for others, providing all of the information requested.

Thank you!
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I would be interested in vaccination and believe I am eligible for for either ages 60 (updated 3/22) and above or I have a medical condition that qualifies me for vaccination. *
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