YMCA Aquatics Quick Checks
We take pool safety seriously and work hard every day to provide a safe and enjoyable experience to all of our members. Please take a moment to complete our survey and provide your prompt feedback regarding your pool experience today.
Which YMCA branch are you visiting? *
Lifeguard Quick Check:
Please take a moment to tell us how the lifeguard closest to you is performing.
Is the lifeguard identifiable? *
Lifeguard shirt, swimsuit, fanny pack and whistle should be present.
Is the red rescue tube properly positioned? *
Rescue tube should be in the guard's hand with strap around chest and minimal slack.
Can the lifeguard see their entire area of responsibility, including the pool bottom? *
Does it appear that the lifeguard is actively scanning the pool? *
Guards should have no other personal contact, conversation or work activity while they are scanning the pool.
Does it appear that there are enough lifeguards on duty?
Regulations require 1 guard per 25 swimmers.
Is the pool deck well maintained and free of clutter? *
Is the safety line in place separating the deep and shallow ends of the pool? *
Excludes end-to-end activities such as lap swim, etc.
YMCA Staff Quick Check:
Please take a moment to tell us how other members of the YMCA pool staff are doing.
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Quality and Cleanliness Quick Check:
Please take a moment to tell us about the conditions of our pool area.
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