Your Application to become a People's Councillor in 2018.
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To become a Councillor, you must be at least 18 years old.
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To become a Councillor, you must be British, or a citizen of an EU or Commonwealth country.
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Please give us a short description. We welcome applications from anyone, including full-time parents, carers, retirees, students and people not currently in employment. Being a Councillor is a paid, part-time role, and we want people from all walks of life to be involved!
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If you do live in Birmingham, just type 'Not Applicable' here. To become a Councillor, ideally you will have either lived or worked in Birmingham for at least 12 months.
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Do you agree to sign the People's Pledge? *
All of our candidates are required to take the People's Pledge: “If elected, I will return POWER to the PEOPLE, by making Birmingham the first city in the world to implement LIQUID DEMOCRACY*, where everyone is included and invited to help drive society FORWARD.” (*For more information about liquid democracy, watch the two videos below)
Watch: Liquid Democracy Explained
Sunny Sangha (founding member of People Power Brum) explaining liquid democracy at TEDxBrum in October 2017.
Do you agree to uphold the principles of Something New? *
Something New is a revolutionary new political party based in the UK that is transforming democracy for the 21st Century. They are kindly providing us with the legal and administrative infrastructure required to stand candidates for election. All they are asking in return, is for each of our candidates to uphold their core principles, laid out on their homepage here:
Have you received a prison sentence in the past 5 years? *
Information given in this section is absolutely confidential. We are happy to discuss this with you further if you are not sure.
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Again, we are happy to discuss this with you further if you are not sure.
Now we'd like to discover whether you're suitable and ready to be a People's Councillor!
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We are innovating the democratic process by trialling an entirely open online candidate selection. We would like you to provide a three minute video outlining why you are the right person to stand. Rather than selection panels and behind-closed-doors votes, we will post the video on our public channels and open up to a public discussion and equal vote. Please record a 3 minute video and post somewhere online (such as Youtube) and drop the link here. You should think about getting across.... 1) Your CONNECTION to the community, 2) Your EXPERIENCE and SKILLS and 3) Your VISION for Birmingham.
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