#danSOUP lockdown e-cookbook
Please complete this form to submit your soup recipe. The deadline is May 13th but try to submit it before. We will promote as many as we can in the run up to the #danSOUP event on 20 May. We will use the information to share your recipe and details of your business in the digital e-cookbook emailed to participants afterwards. In addition to submitting the form please email up to three images to hello@thinkinng.org. These could be 1. photo of your dish 2. your logo or photo of your premises 3. photo of yourself. Please make sure you tell us the title of your recipe in the subject field of your email so we can match it with your form. But don't worry if you don't have three photos - your recipe can still be included. However recipes with photographs will be prioritised for sharing on social media.

Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Soup (#danSOUP) on 20th May is when people with ideas for arts and mental health projects can pitch for funding. (By 'arts' we mean all kinds of creative activities) We run soup events twice a year during Mental Health Awareness Weeks in May and October. Normally people come along to THiNK, put a minimum of £5 in the funding pot and we provide free bread and soup. We listen to four pitches of 4 minutes long and our expert panel and the audience can ask the pitchers questions. After hearing them all, the audience vote for which project should receive the sum of all the fivers in the pot. We also have additional funds from fundraising and generous donations from Lubrizol and the Institute of Mental Health at University of Nottingham so there is usually at least £500 in the funding pot.

Obviously we can't run it in the same way during lock-down so instead of providing people with a bowl of soup we are compiling a #danSOUP Lockdown e-Cookbook. We will email this to everyone who puts money in the funding pot by buying a ticket to the online event or making a donation. And we are going to use the opportunity to remind people of the great food businesses in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. So when you submit your form we may share the news of your contribution, recipe and business on our social media. Follow us on

instagram @thinkin_ng #dansoup
facebook https://www.facebook.com/thinkinnottingham/
Twitter @dansoup20 @thinkin_ng #dansoup

We hope you will share it too using your own social media

Find out more about the #danSOUP Pitch Night and buy yourself a ticket on this link https://dansoup.eventbrite.co.uk
You can also apply to pitch an idea yourself as long as it will benefit people in Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire. Details are on the link above.

Thank you for submitting your recipe - it's wonderful to have you! Any enquiries email hello@thinkinng.org

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Thank you! Please submit this form and email up to three images to hello@thinkinng.org These could be 1. photo of your dish 2. your logo or photo of your business premises 3. photo of yourself. Don't worry if you don't have all three - your recipe can still be included.
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