DCSS Magnet Teacher Recommendation
Teachers, please complete this form for any student applying to a DCSS Magnet program for the 2024-2025 school year. You only need to submit this form once per student.
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For each of the following attributes, please rank this student on a scale of 1-5, where 1 represents "Significant Weakness" and 5 represents "Significant Strength." *
Individual Determination: Self-Motivated & Driven to Succeed
Reliability: Punctual & Prepared
Intellectual Curiosity: Inquisitive, Enthusiastic & Engaged
Academic Promise: Capable of Higher-Order Thinking & Literacy
Creativity: Innovative, Resourceful & Imaginative
Maturity: Diligent, Self-Disciplined & Responsible
Confidence: A Lifelong Learner & Risk-Taker
Perseverance: Able to Handle Stress & Welcome Challenge
Leadership: Responsible, Collaborative & Cooperative
Civility: Compassionate, Patient & Emotionally Intelligent
If you are aware of any anomalies in this student's academic, attendance, or behavior record and can provide context, please do so here (i.e. excessive absences due to death in family).
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