Good day, brothers and sisters in Christ!

We are from Radio Veritas Asia- Audience Research Department and we would like to ask for your time to answer our questionnaire regarding our program performance and listenership. This is to properly assess and improve our performance to serve you better in the future.

Thank you! Your response is very much appreciated.

1. Where do you usually get to listen to Radio Veritas Asia- Filipino Service?
2. When do you usually tune-in into one of our programs?
3. How often do you listen to our Filipino Service program/ programs?
4. What type or topic of program/s do you usually listen to?
(Check all that may apply)
5. What aspects of the program have you appreciated?
(Check all that may apply)
6. Are you satisfied with the handling of the program/s that you listen to?
(Please rate your satisfaction by encircling the appropriate value with “1”’ being the highest and “10” being the lowest)
Not Satisfied
Very Satisfied
7. Do you have any comments/ suggestions/ reactions on how to improve our programs?
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8. Would you recommend our programs to your family and friends?
9. Name
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10. Age
12. Gender
13.Occupation *
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14. E-mail address
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