Disability Rights Vermont and Vermont Legal Aid 2020 Community Mental Health Services Survey
Who we are:
• Disability Rights Vermont (DRVT) is a non-profit law firm designated as Vermont’s independent Protection and Advocacy System and Mental Health Ombudsman. We provide free investigation and advocacy services to protect and advance the rights of individuals with disabilities, including people receiving mental health services.
• Vermont Legal Aid (VLA) is a non-profit law firm that provides free civil legal services for those living in poverty, with a disability, or over age 60. We also serve anyone who is discriminated against in housing decisions or who face challenges related to health insurance or health services.

What we’re asking: We want to learn about your experiences receiving mental health services in your community. This survey will help us better advocate for people receiving mental health services throughout Vermont.

Your participation is completely voluntary and will not affect any services you receive from your mental health agency or from us.
• You do not have to participate.
• You do not have to answer every question.
• You can choose which questions you want to answer.

Your information will be kept anonymous.
• We plan to publish a report of our general findings to help us better advocate for people receiving mental health services.
• We will not share or publish any of your identifying information.

If you choose to participate, there are many ways:
• Online at https://forms.gle/RmwKTzF4QAvZZjqe9 (or if you are reading this on-line now, press "NEXT" or "FILL OUT FORM" below).
• By printing and mailing your completed survey to Merry at DRVT, 141 Main St., Suite 7, Montpelier, VT 05602 or emailing it to merry@disabilityrightsvt.org.
• By calling 1-800-834-7890 ext. 112 and leaving a message with your phone number. We will call you back to do the survey.

Also contact us in any of these ways if you need a reasonable accommodation in order to participate.

Thank you!
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