Flow Yoga Center - Karma Yoga Program Application

Thanks so much for your interest in Flow's Karma Yoga program. Here's a link which shares what the program is all about: www.flowyogacenter.com/karmayoga

If this looks like a great fit for you, we'd love to hear from you! Please complete our application below. (NOTE: There's currently a wait list for Flow’s Karma Yoga program, but spots open up a few times each season. If there's a good match, we’ll be in touch as opportunities arise. Namaste.)

General Info
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Karma Yoga and You
How did you hear about the program? *
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Selfless Service *
In what ways has "selfless service" been a part of your life? What have you gained from this experience?
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Your Practice *
Do you have a regular yoga practice? If so, please share a bit about your practice. For example… What/where/when do you practice? Who are your favorite teachers? What do you love about your practice? What’s challenging? Etc.
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Flow’s Mission *
If you had to pick one aspect on Flow's mission (http://www.flowyogacenter.com/about-flow/) that most resonates with you, what would it be, and why?
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What excites you most? *
What excites you most about Flow's Karma Yoga program, and what are you more tentative about?
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All About You
Your Big Picture *
What are your big-picture life interests and plans?
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Key Personal Qualities *
There a 5 key qualities that lend themselves to being a great staffer at Flow: 1) a warm/sunny disposition, 2) poise/groundedness, 3) patience, 4) kindness, 5) efficiency and comfort multi-tasking. Tell us how (and how much) these qualities manifest in your life.
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Introvert/Extrovert? *
On the range from introvert to extrovert, how would you describe yourself?
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Others might say... *
What adjectives would other people use to describe you?
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Do the (zen) hustle... *
Flow offers around 100 class and serves over 2,000 guests a week so things can get very busy. It is important to maintain a staff that can hustle while maintaining a calm and welcoming environment. We call that balance the "zen hustle". What are some real life examples of how you do the zen hustle?
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Managing Stress *
When you get stressed, how does it manifest in your life -- do you get angry, curt, introverted, anxious, etc.? How do you manage these reactions to stress – both in the immediate moment, and after the stressor has passed?
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Being Here, Being Connected
Commuting to Flow *
How far do you live from Flow, and how would you commute?
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How often do you check your email? *
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What’s your “day job”? *
What do you do “professionally”? What are your hours? Where do you work from? Etc.
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Schedule Consistency *
How consistent or irregular is your weekly schedule – including personal and professional scheduling obligations?
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Commitment – Dates *
How long could you commit *comfortably* with 100% confidence to being part of Flow's Karma Yoga program?
Weekly Availability (general) *
Each Karma Yoga shift is 2 hours/week (at a regular day/time each week) scheduled during one of the time slots below. Please let us know which time can generally work for you, and then share with us - in the following question - if there are specific days/times where you have preferences or conflicts.
Weekly Availability (preferences & conflicts) *
Following on the question above, please let us know if there are any specific days/times where you have preferences or conflicts for a regular 2-hour weekly shift?
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Last-Minute Sub Shifts *
Occasionally, one of your fellow Karma Yoga colleagues might need a sub at the last minute. How much advanced notice of an available shift (during the windows above) would you typically need to fit the shift into your schedule?
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Big Life Events *
In the next 6-12 months, are there any potential big life events that *could* impact your availability? (e.g. prior commitments, travel plans, possible school/work schedule changes, marriage, etc.)
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Relevant Experience
Yoga Studio Experience *
Have you ever worked, volunteered or taught at a yoga studio? If so, please elaborate.
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Management Experience *
If applicable, please describe any management experience you’ve had.
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Operations Experience *
If applicable, please describe any operations experience you’ve had (e.g. facilities maintenance, inventory & supply management, HR, etc.)
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Computer Experience *
Please tell us about your computer experience and aptitude -- esp. Microsoft Office, all things Google, Mindbody Online (our studio management software) and any other kind of POS software.
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Customer Service Experience *
Please describe any other customer service and/or retail experience that you've had, if applicable.
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