Art Submission - Save the Magic! A Halloweekend Art Jaunt 2020
Anyone can create art for their community! A history of artistry isn't required. Participate at your own risk. Please review the guidance linked:

The Haunt is an experience filled with art made by you – creators and participants who provide your skills and space to transform our city into a thriving, wonder-filled urban playground. Create in your own yard, or let the event coordinators make a match between creators without space and participants willing to open their yards.

Please complete this form if you plan to create art for your own space, have space to host the art of others, or have art that you need space for and would like to be included in a self-guided tour map.

Art is to be viewed from the distance of the street.

The map will become public on the October 30th and 31st.

Consider including signage that will help your community/neighbors learn about this project.
Email address *
I have read and agree to the guidance posted on the website: *
Your Full Legal Name *
What are you offering? (remember that spaces hosting art must be visible from the street) *
If you're offering space, how much space do you have?
If you NEED space, how much space do you need?
If you NEED space, what other things do you need? -or- If you HAVE space, what things can you provide?
Title of Art Piece
Description of Art Piece. We will not be posting the artist name unless you include it in this description.
When will your art and/or space being available? Will you host both days? What time of the day will your art be available? Some art is designed for daylight. Your art can be scheduled for some or all of this period. *
Location of the host space. Use the address of the piece including city, or GPS coordinates. If you don't have a host space, leave this question blank.
Notes. For example, best time to see the piece, FM transmitter station, if you allow pictures. This note will be included in your map pin.
What is your safety plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19? Remember to include details of how you'll deal with crowds, touch points, sanitation, etc. *
Feedback (private feedback for the organizers, request for direct contact to answer questions, etc. You don't have to have the answers to every question. Contact us through the website to have your application amended
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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