The big geeky craft swap - superheroes


If you are interested in joining in with the first big geeky craft swap, then you are in the right place!

Do you knit, crochet, sew, embroider, paint, build or in some way or another craft? Excellent.

Do you like geeky things? PERFECT!

This swap will be all about superheroes - DC, Marvel, your own, indie comics, whatever. We are going all out superhero for this swap.

This swap will be open internationally and should be a lot of fun. Please just fill in your details so I can sort out partners (you will likely be swapping with your partner so you can also become penpals if that's of interest to you!).

Get your details to me before 10th March 2017 and we will arrange the swap partners not long after.


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Perhaps you are allergic to nuts (there may be treats in the swap), or you don't wear jewellery, but you LOVE reading so so much and if someone were to send you a book, well geez that would be great :) be as detailed or as brief as you like!
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