Armuchee Middle School Parent Survey
AMS parents and guardians,

As the new principal of Armuchee Middle School I'd love to have your input on a few areas. Your answers to the questions below will help drive our plans for the upcoming year as we work to identify opportunities for growth and put necessary plans for improvement in place. Please be honest with your feedback (all responses are anonymous).

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to meeting everyone soon!

--Chad Moore

How many children do you have attending AMS, and in what grades will they be in this year?
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When you visit our school...
Is the office staff friendly and helpful?
Are the teachers easy to talk to?
Are the administrators approachable?
Do you feel welcome on campus?
The school works with me to schedule parent meeting times to accommodate my work schedule.
How many parent/teacher conferences did you attend last year?
If you did not or were not able to attend a parent/teacher conference last year, what could the school do to make it more likely for you to attend?
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How often do teachers communicate with you about your child's academic progress and/or behavior (positive and negative)?
What is the best way for our school to share information about your child and school activities/events? (select your top two methods)
In your opinion, how does the school climate feel when you enter our campus? (Ex: "friendly, "welcoming," etc.)
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Is your child involved in any extra-curricular activities at AMS?
Which activities does your child participate in?
Are there other extra-curricular activities you wish AMS offered for students to participate in? If so, please list them below:
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Were you asked about your interests, talents, and availability for volunteering at school?
Were you informed about any needs for volunteers within the school last year?
If you knew more about the areas where help was needed and was offered training, would you be willing to volunteer at school?
If you have not volunteered at our school, please indicate why:
Does the school actively seek ideas from parents on school-related issues (improving student achievement, improving extra-curricular programs, improving communication, facility issues/needs, etc.)?
If yes, which of these statements best reflect your opinion and/or level of participation?
Strongly agree
Strongly Disagree
My opinion is taken in consideration when it comes to school policy decisions.
I have expressed a willingness to be involved in school committees/support groups
School staff considers my opinion when it comes to decisions concerning my child.
I don't feel part of the decision making process at the school.
I have not been given the opportunity to provide input on school-related issues.
Would you like to participate more in school decisions? (please check all that apply)
What best describes your household?
Do you have any specific suggestions on how can we create better connections and build better relationships with families at AMS?
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