US Army eSports AAPG Registration
AAPG is a Community Game within the Army eSports Program. We are looking to expand that community and the first step is putting together a few Army teams. In order to qualify you must currently be an Active Duty or Reserve Component Soldier in the United States Army. Once there are enough registrations on this form you will be contacted through discord with information to join the Army eSports Program discord. From there you will receive information on how and when tryouts will be held. Please note that currently AAPG is only a Community Game, meaning that currently there are no opportunities to move over to the eSports team permanently and all gaming will be done on your own time. This is not to say that the game could not later elevate to Program status, simply that it is unlikely in the near future. We look forward to further expanding and bringing together the AAPG community.
Please Ensure You Fill Out All Information Completely and Accurately.
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How long have you been playing America's Army (Not just Proving Grounds)
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Questions? These will be answered at the first meeting to the best of our abilities. Please realize we may not get to all of them, but there will be opportunities to ask again in the future.
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