2019 GSD - Experiment Proposals

Experiment Duration: about 35 minutes including introduction and closure but not setup. The experiment will be run twice (either during the morning or afternoon)

Target age group: Middle school (6­-8th grade)

Number of students: ~20 students will attend each experiment session (plan for 50 students total during the day)

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have tested the experiment you plan to do to make sure that it works well and it will fit into the allotted time. (If you have an undergrad in your lab you could try giving the student a list of instructions and the materials and see how long it takes and how smoothly it goes.)

Handouts: You must also make a handout with the procedure, observations, and questions to give to the girls.

Questions? Please email girlsscienceday@gmail.com with any questions about how to fill out this form, designing your experiment, or submitting your proposal.

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Please upload the completed proposal form AND your handout below. Download the proposal form here: https://goo.gl/yHExBe. ***Please DO NOT edit the form. Make sure to download the form and upload below.
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