EXTERNAL PUBLIC SURVEY on the Hopkinton Police Department
Your answers to this survey will be used in developing the Hopkinton Police Strategic Plan Initiative
1. What is your age? *
2. What is your gender? *
3. How long have you lived in Hopkinton? *
4. What neighborhood or section of Hopkinton do you identify with?
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5. How satisfied are you with the appearance of the Hopkinton Police Department? *
6. How satisfied are you with the visibility of the Hopkinton Police Department? *
7. What would you like to see the Hopkinton Police Department concentrate on in your community? (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY) *
8. In the next five (5) years, how important would the following services be to you if they were offered by the Hopkinton Police Department? *
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
Youth programs
Crime prevention programs
Drug and or Gang resistance programs (opioids)
Police Athletic League
Citizen's Police Academy
Junior Police Academy
Police Explorer Program
Internship/Ride Along Program
Neighborhood Watch Program
Animal Control Program
Property Crimes
9. How effective do you think information technology (IT) should be in order to provide safety updates and information to the community? (i.e. PD website, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) *
10. Compared to other towns surrounding Hopkinton, how safe is the town overall? *
11. Indicate when you are most frequently outside in your neighborhood? *
Early morning
During the day
In the evening
Late at night
Rarely or Never
12. Of the following services offered by the Hopkinton Police Department, please indicate how important each is: *
Very important
Somewhat important
Not important
Home security checks for vacationers
Assist people who are locked out of cars
Assist people who are are locked out of homes
Investigation of all motor vehicle crashes
School truancy checks
Child car seat inspections
Business building security checks
Teaching pedestrian safety
Checking the welfare of senior citizens
Directed patrol to neighborhoods, parks, beaches, etc.
Selective traffic enforcement based on resident requests
Underage drinking patrols
13. For each of the following statements check the degree of concern you have that the problem might happen in the Town of Hopkinton? Someone will... *
Very concerned
Somewhat concerned
Not concerned
Try to rob you
Try to attack you
Try to break into your home
Damage or vandalize your property
Attempt to steal your identity via the internet
14. How important are each of the following toward improving the Hopkinton Police Department? *
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
Hire more police officers
Hire more dispatchers
Improve training for officers
Raise the qualifications to become an officer
Education for officers
Faster response time to calls
Improve relations with community
Improve relations with minority groups
15. What do you think will be the greatest challenges for the Hopkinton Police Department during the next five (5) years?
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16. Do you think your personal safety is changing, yes or no, and please explain?
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17. How would you suggest the Hopkinton Police Department improve its service to the residents of the Town?
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18. Name and describe an incident or call that you experienced or witnessed in the past where you would like to compliment or complain about the Hopkinton Police Department.
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19. How does the Hopkinton Police Department interact and work with other departments and/or government officials in the Town?
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20. If the Hopkinton Police Department were to receive gift funds of $50,000, how would you propose that those monies be spent?
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