Misson Moon: Australian Expo Registration - FIRST LEGO League Junior
Welcome to the Mission Moon Expo Registration form for FIRST LEGO League Junior.

A full list of available & open expos is available online via the FIRST Australia website:

1. Your team(s) may attend more than one expo.
2.. You MUST complete more than one form entry if you plan to attend more than one expo.
3. There are no further costs to attend an expo.
4. You will need to bring your built kit, WeDo, charger, & project to the expo.
5. You will be assigned a small table at the expo.
6. To contact the organizer for your expo, please see the PDF of expos on our FIRST Australia website (see link above.)
7. The expo is not a competition. Certificates will be given to each team.

You may only register up to 5 teams per form. If you are planning to bring more than 5 teams to an open expo, please email wynonah.bush@mq.edu.au before registering. There is limited amount of space available at each expo; you can opt to have an expo at your school & bring 5 representative teams to an open expo to showcase your school. More details for hosting an expo at your school is available on our website. https://firstaustralia.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Expo-Guide_2017_2018.pdf

If you have any further questions, please reach out to FIRST Australia at info@firstaustralia.org

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