Monthly Office Hours #8 // January 23, 2021
*[UPDATE] #8 Monthly Office Hours are rescheduled for January 23.

🚀 2021 will be the year of new technologies and tools in the OriginTrail ecosystem to further enable knowledge economy, the paradigm-shifting next stage for OriginTrail. What is the team focusing on at the beginning of 2021 and what does this mean for the Tracers community and the OriginTrail ecosystem? 🤔 💭❔ Let's discuss it at the #8 edition of Monthly Office Hours.

You can share any questions you have by Friday, January 22. On January 23, the OriginTrail and Trace Labs founders Branimir Rakić, Tomaž Levak, and Žiga Drev will be answering your questions and discussing the road ahead with our tusted community member Guinnessstache.

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