Gemma Artist Application
Gemma is an art ecosystem that perpetuates creativity onchain. Here's how it works for artists:
  • Artists apply or are invited to join Gemma's member community
  • Accepted artists can mint work on the Gemma platform
  • Artists keep 100% of their sales
  • Gemma is built on Zora Network, which offers “Protocol Rewards,” where collectors pay a small minting fee that is then divided between the artist, Gemma, and Zora
  • 20% of Gemma's proceeds from the Protocol Rewards go into our artist-led treasury
  • Using DAO mechanics, artists can propose and vote on new creative projects to fund
We’re currently open to a limited number of artists, but review new applications on a regular basis. Once an artist is accepted into Gemma, they become part of an incredible community and can mint as frequently as they’d like.

Stay tuned for updates and inspiration from Gemma creators, including group exhibitions and events, by subscribing to Hidden Gems. For questions, contact
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