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The Department for Education has introduced virtual Train to Teach events during the COVID-19 pandemic to allow candidates to receive useful information and providers to advertise their course and meet potential applicants. Please note that while every effort is taken to encourage candidates to visit a range of different providers during the event, it is unlikely that your stand will be as busy as it would be at a face-to-face event, therefore please consider your staffing requirements to reflect this.

Dates for the Department for Education virtual Train to Teach events have now been confirmed for March, and providers can book their places using this form.

Please ensure that you complete all sections of the form and return it by 5pm on Friday 22 January. Places are not guaranteed and will be allocated by 5pm on Friday 29 January.

Please only apply for events in your area as we can only host a limited number of providers at each event.

A few days before each event we will run a test event to ensure that your connection and sound/video equipment is working and compatible with the events system.

Once you have been allocated a place we will send you a confirmation email with more details on how the online events will work, details of the test event and any important information you may need.
We are continuously monitoring the restrictions in place on the events industry and will react to any changes as and when they happen. As a result, there may be additional virtual events scheduled in other areas of the country into the Summer term, these will be released through the usual channels.

If you are allocated a place and can no longer attend the virtual event, please email as soon as possible.
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