Northern Paladins Fall Spice Harvest 2020 Saturday, October 17th
Across the planes of Dominia wars rage, tides fall, and mages unite for The Harvest is upon us and the spice must flow. The bounty for some is plentiful but for others fewer breaths will be drawn… In this magnificent twilight of summer comes The Gathering. Arcane energy, shared memory, and the scent of fall’s wind are here. Tinkerers, Artificers, Warlords, Beastmasters, Walkers, Hordes, and even the Ensorcelled Wanderers share in the greatness of THE HARVEST. Imbibe, devour, consume, frolic, and be merry! Life is fleeting, let us celebrate one another at the Table before the Armageddon Clock strikes 12. For Winter is coming….

Event Time: Saturday October 17th, 2020 11AM CST (GMT-5)
Contact us at (612) 600-7722 or

STRUCTURE: Swiss pairings, 6 or 7 rounds based on attendance.

PARTICIPANT CAP: 128 players

FORMAT: Paladin Magic 93/94, with the usual EC/American reprint allowances, proxies are allowed so long as they meet our guidelines. For full rules see here:

Paladin Magic is a brewers format, taking inspiration from Eternal Central’s 93/94 format but modified in 7 subtle but potent ways to assist in opening up a range of fun and exciting variant builds that would never otherwise get to see the light of play. The Spice Harvest is your chance to prepare for casting the most interesting builds you have conceived. Let there be no mistake he or she or they who wins the flavor war will be eternally enshrined among our Legion in the Hall of Heroes!

ENTRY: $10 Donation is requested but not required or please purchase one of the beautiful Dustin Brossard Northern Paladins Playmats here:

DECK PHOTOS: Required, via upload link to be provided

HOW: The event will be run using for scorekeeping and coordinated in our Discord Server (Required) Join here: You will need to have a functional Discord Account and Signup for the event as well on mtgmelee.

On Saturday morning, no later than 10:00 AM US Central Time (GMT-5) you will receive an e-mail with player instructions and reminders which you can easily refer back to during the day of the event if you need it.

All participants are required to check into our Discord Server by 10:45 AM CST (GMT-5) for a player meeting joining the "Fall Spice Harvest" channel. We will briefly explain the structure of the tournament and confirm check-ins. Participants not checked in on mtgmelee before 11AM CST will be dropped from the tournament.

The first round will begin at 11:00Am Central. Pairings will be announced in the Discord and you will be assigned a Table Number. You will report to your digital table inside Discord and coordinate with your opponent to connect either directly using Discord screen sharing or link. Rounds will be timed (50 minutes), with a 10 minute "meet & greet" at the start of every round. Meeting people you've never played before and seeing old friends is what the Paladin community is all about. This is a social event as much as it is a tournament.

NO MATCH DRAWS ALLOWED. Match draws will be settled by a Chaos Orb flip-off, as is our custom. If you do not own a Chaos Orb, use another card from your deck as a stand-in.

Before the event, please make sure that your webcam/mic/other equipment are in working order, that you have a Whereby account, and that you've tested Whereby by joining a room and configured your settings. We will have volunteers available the night before the event on the Discord to help you test your equipment out if you need it. We also encourage you to join one of our weekly Tuesday Night Gauntlet events here: 

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