Your SAIL AGAIN Personal Shopper Request
Please tell us about your kiddos so we can choose the BEST shopper for you!

Appointments are available Thursday & Friday morning, September 10th & 11th

There is $20 fee for the service and a $100 minimum purchase is expected. ($10 of the $20 is returned as a credit if you spend $150 or more!) Local pick-up only. We don't ship!

This is a virtual/video appointment. We will pull items for your review prior to the video time.

After you express interest here, we will send you a payment link and reserve your time.
Email address *
Please tell us your NAME and the platform you prefer to use for your video appointment (Facebook Messenger or Facetime) and most importantly , , ,the user name or phone # you want us to call! *
How many children are we shopping for? (if more than 1, then please use the short answer boxes at the end for kids 2/3/4!) *
Child 1 (a name & age is helpful here so we don't have to refer to them as "the first kid")
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Specific sizes for pants, top, shoes, outerwear etc. *
What are the categories you are shopping for? *
Things you are especially looking for. For example " I am looking for snow boots, jeans, and hoodies " Or "My child loves Spiderman and Batman" Color preferences? Be as specific as possible. *
Please list anything we would stay away from. Example " My kid hates jeans". *
Just answer all that stuff for Kid #2 now, OK? (gender, sizes, what you want and what they like!)
OK, and now for Kid #3 (gender, sizes, what you want and what they like!)
You might need a second appointment if we're shopping for 4 kids but give it a go! (gender, sizes, what you want and what they like!)
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