Fit For Life: CrossFit Coach Application

Coach Group Classes
Perform Intro & Personal Training Sessions
Design and Execute Specialty Programs & help facilitate progression clinics
Cleaning Duties
Fulfill Opening/Closing Duties
Attend, Assist and Promote Community Events
Other Duties as Assigned

Time Commitment/Work Schedule

20-30 hours of coaching classes per week. Our coaches typically coach in a block of morning, mid or evening shifts and could coach on the weekends. Develop a specialty program for 4 - 8 more hours per week and build a base of personal training clients


Full Time Professional Wage with a Monthly Residual Revenue Share


Gym Membership
Merchandise Discounts

Experience & Education

1. Customer Service
2. CrossFit Experience as an Athlete
3. Sales Experience
4. Presentation Skills
5. High Energy
6. Team Player!!!
7. Coachable and Always Learning

Minimum Requirements - 1 year of coaching at a licensed CrossFit Affiliate and have a CrossFit Level 1Certification

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Early Mornings - 445 am - 7 am
Miday Mornings - 8 am - 11 am
Afternoons - 330 pm to 9 pm
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