Reiki Level I
Event Address: Sacred Vibes Apothecary, 376 Argyle Rd. Brooklyn, NY 11210
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Melissa Lisette
Master Reiki Practitioner & Herbalist

Melissa is a Reiki Master and Herbalist with 16 years of practice. Her energy medicine is nurturing and soothing as it responds to the needs of those in the midst of transformative initiations in life. As transformation informs change we are in need of ways to nurture ourselves as we grow and expand. Through her teachings and certification in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Tradition and Karuna Reiki, Melissa enhances the whole self and its capacity to support rapid change and symptoms that impact mindfulness and wellbeing. Gratitude to her teachers in this practice: James Weeden, Geordie Numata and the Amazon rainforest. Melissa's practice is infused with her ancestors lineage, and those of her teachers, Karen Rose and Jacqueline Rolandelli. Supporting others on their journey toward emotional expansion is the purpose behind her practice.
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