The Black Improv Almanac
Hey Family! We're glad you're here!

We're putting together a database of Black theater owners, Black teachers, and all-Black and all-POC improv groups. Why? So that theaters can find us easily. And so that we can find each other easily.

If more than one role applies to you (i.e. you are a Black theater owner & teacher), please fill out the form once for each category to which you belong (once for theater owner, once for teacher).

If multiple members of a team submit the same improv group, we will aim to post whichever is the most complete submission.

Please only submit yourself and teams you are a part of unless you have express permission from another person or team to include them. Our desire is to include every Black theater owner, teacher, and team who ever existed, but we also want to respect people's privacy and autonomy.

If you are a Black improviser - but you are not a theater owner, coach, or member of an all-Black or all-POC team - we are not currently compiling a list of individual Black improvisers, but please contact us via email or on Facebook and we'll recommend some groups where you can make connections.


Stephanie, David, Daryl, & Alex
The Black Improv Alliance
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