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Nafasi Art Space is a centre for contemporary visual and performing arts based in Mikocheni B, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where multi-disciplinary artists work, create, learn, and perform. It is a member organisation made up of individual artists as well as other arts organisations, together forming a vibrant community of artists, designers, musicians, dancers and technicians.

Nafasi Art Space is set in extensive open grounds hosting 37 indoor and outdoor studios. We regularly programme exhibitions, training sessions, workshops, talks and wider public engagement events for all those interested in art and culture. An important element of our work is the residency exchange programme, which offers visiting artists the opportunity to exchange, grow, and devote time to their artistic practice within a dynamic and vibrant environment within a close-knit and welcoming community of artists.

The AIR program is part of our objective to create a critical creative and learning environment to stimulate the discovery and creation of contemporary art in Tanzania, through production and an open and active art exchange within the region and beyond.

After Nafasi reviews applications, we invite artists for residencies and a new artist joins Nafasi for 3-8 weeks to work, train others, network, and exchange ideas and experiences. The goal of the residency is to have an active art exchange between international artists and the Nafasi artists.

Preference will be given to artists from the global south, especially from Africa.

Nafasi Residency Types:

1. 3-6 week residency programme for East African based artists. This programme was created for young and/or early-career artists. FULLY OR SEMI-FUNDED, DEPENDING ON AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS.

2. 1-3 month international residency programme. This has typically suited established artists with multiple residency experiences and the skills to deliver workshops. SELF-FUNDED.

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