Parental Consent Form
To manage your child’s personal data, Newcastle Triathlon Club now collect it via Clubspark. This will be accessed by club coaches in the case of an emergency.
Name of Child *
Name of Parent/Carer *
Relationship to Child *
I have completed my child’s medical form on Newcastletriclub’s (NTC) Clubspark *
I have provided emergency contact number(s) and contact details for my child on Newcastletriclub’s Clubspark *
I consent to my child taking part in NTC club activities. I acknowledge that the club will be liable in the event of an accident, only if they failed to take reasonable steps in their duty of care for my child during the activities. *
I agree to be at the drop off/pick up point at the agreed time. *
I confirm to the best of my knowledge that my child does not knowingly suffer from any medical condition other than those detailed in Clubspark. I will inform the lead coach of any specific medical requirements *
I consent to my child receiving medical treatment that, in the opinion of a qualified medical practitioner, may be necessary *
I have given consent via Clubspark to pictures to be taken of my child during training competition and used on the club website, social media or newsletter and I am happy for their name to be used with the photo where appropriate. *
Signature of Parent/Carer *
Date *
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