Dominion Gardens Georgetown 
We’re taking the Market outdoors at the beautiful Dominion Gardens in the ever welcoming Georgetown! There will be lots of activities and entertainment to share with your family as well as plenty of local small businesses and artisans! 

135 Maple Ave E, Halton Hills

11AM - 6 PM

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I understand that I am responsible for bringing 1 6ft table and floor length tablecloth and that I am responsible for setup/decor/take down. Tent is also recommended and to be at vendors responsibility. *
I understand that I am to provide my own chair should I wish one.  *
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We do our best to limit vendors who soley sell the same product line/style. We make it our mission to avoid as much overlap as possible however I understand there could be a similarity in a product offering. *
Prior to our market we will showcase each vendor on our instagram and facebook.  We will select a recent picture from your instagram to use for your feature.
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FOOD & DRINK VENDORS ONLY - *Both sealed and open consumables being sold* I have a certified kitchen inspection report that is currently valid and am certified to be selling food commercially.   *This does not apply to food resellers i.e - Epicure, etc*
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FOOD SALE VENDORS ONLY - I understand that The Mom Market Collective is required to disclose that my business is selling food at the market to Public Health to follow government food safety guidelines and that a copy of my report will be requested by Public Health.  Failing to provide the certificate upon request could result in a fine from Public Health against my business, as well as forfeiture of my space.
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I understand that there is only 1 vendor allowed per table and that I am not to display or host products from another business at my booth. *
I understand that once this application is approved I have 48 hours to send the e-transfer to the given address in the approval email *
I understand that I will receive setup instructions and timing to the email provided above, 1 week prior to the market. Failing to stick to the setup timeline will result in forfeiture of your place in the market and your table fee. *
I understand that once my spot is accepted and paid for, so long as the market is running my table fee is non-refundable or able to be rolled forward as a credit. In the event the market cannot run, a credit for a future date will be offered. If you are ill or unable to make the market, you will need to have coverage of someone to run your table for your business or your forfeit the spot and payment. *
I acknowledge that I have informed of the following: 1. I am responsible for the setup and take down of my booth. 2. Organizers are not responsible for any lost or stolen goods. 3. I am allowing Organizers to use any images/logos for advertisements for the event/future events. 4. My payment is non-refundable. 5. I will abide by the setup timelines and guidelines provided to me via email. 6. The organizers have the right to reschedule a market due to any unavoidable occurrence such as but not limited to weather delay, venue lockout or any other uncontrollable circumstance and that my payment will be rolled forward to another market even if the backup date is postponed. 7. The vendor will not make or permit any statements in writing, verbal or social media platforms to damage the reputation of the organization/organizers. 8. Vendor can freely advertise the market in a positive manner so long as the details are accurate. *
Please note that applications are reviewed within 48 hours as it allows us to not have duplicate vendors. If you do not hear back from us within 48 hours it is likely that someone has already confirmed or is in line for a similar spot but we will get back to you either way **PLEASE CHECK JUNK/SPAM** *
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