Application for Teen Camp Sponsors – Maranatha Bible Camp & Northside Christian Church – Summer 2019
You have a unique opportunity to play a key role in the spiritual formation of someone younger than you. As a teen at Northside, it is exciting to use your gifts for the Lord by serving at Maranatha Bible Camp. As a teen camp volunteer, you will help lead younger students into a growing faith with Jesus by doing life with them and investing in godly activities and conversation with them. It will require your time, your heart, and your commitment. There are only a limited number of teen volunteers that we are able to take to camp, so please read through this application carefully before applying. Thank you for your interest in being a teen volunteer.
1. Fill this application form out completely (by April 30).
2. You will be contacted by Kevin Punch or Tiffany Blum by May 11th whether or not you have been selected to serve as a teen volunteer at camp. We will also notify you for which session of camp we’ve selected you.
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What grade are you entering in the fall of 2018? *
Are you attending your own session of camp at MBC as a camper? *
Do you have your parent's permission to be a teen sponsor at MBC this summer? *
Select any/all camp sessions in which you would like to serve. (Please note you must be three grades older than the oldest grade at the camp session.) *
What three words would you use to describe yourself? *
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Describe your relationship with Jesus. *
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Write your testimony. (How did you become a Christian and why?) *
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Why do you want to serve at camp? *
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In what ways do you see yourself serving at camp? What spiritual gifts or talents do you have to offer/use for the Lord at camp? *
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What do you think should be expected of you while you are serving at camp? *
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What do you hope to gain through this experience? *
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Please list four adults (not relatives) and their phone number who could provide a character reference for you. Preferably two people that attend Northside Christian Church and two people who do not (teacher, coach, etc). *
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As MBC Volunteer I agree to be the following:
1. Encouraging to Campers and Fellow Workers: I will present myself in a loving, caring way to others, always showing respect and making myself available to help. I understand the importance of not playing practical jokes and demeaning others.
2. A Servant in my Actions: I understand the commitment I am making for a session of camp and I will not have other responsibilities that will take me away from being an active, involved participant. I understand the need to respect and follow the direction of the camp Deans and Managers. I will participate with the campers, and not expect special privileges for staff.
3. Morally Above Reproach: In areas of modesty, personal cleanliness, counseling, physical contact, and speech, I will maintain extremely high Biblical standards, knowing that my example will be watched by staff and campers alike. I will not use or bring any kind of tobacco or alcohol to camp. I will not flirt with, tickle, or touch campers or other staff inappropriately. I will not do anything to harm the good name of Christ, Maranatha Bible Camp, or the camps member churches.
4. A Good Steward of Camp Property: I will work hard to maintain cleanliness in the dorms and other camp facilities. I will care for the property and camp equipment. I will show the campers a good example of respecting God’s creation and the property of others.
5. Promotion: I also give my permission for any appropriate photographs/videos of me to be used for future Maranatha Bible Camp promotional purposes.
Do you agree to the above listed expectations? *
I understand there are a limited number of teen volunteer spots available and this application does not guarantee that I will be able to serve at summer camp. I also understand I will be notified by May 11th if I have been selected as a teen camp volunteer and for which session of camp (if any) I have been asked to serve. I also commit to reading through any rules and training materials prior to my camp session start date. *
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