Info Meet-up Startup in Residence Sustainability - 27 February 2019
To give startups a better understanding of the sustainability challenges, depending on the interest, the City will organise one information meeting. This meeting will take place on 27 February 2019 from 4-5.30pm at the Voormalige Stadstimmertuin 4 (Congreszaal).

If you wish to attend the information meetup, please sign up through this form. All questions asked at the info meetup will be stripped of all personal information and the answers will be published on our website (FAQ page). Note that all applicants have to receive the same information.

Startups are asked to communicate their interest in attending the information meeting before 21 February 2019. The City will confirm the information meeting on 22 February 2019 on the website On that occasion, the City will also specify the procedure of the meeting and the agenda. The information meeting is optional and will take place only if there is sufficient interest.

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