Jaza Rift Ventures
The Jaza Rift Ventures team is interested in healthtech, medtech and biotech (inc. assistive tech) solutions able to provide a better healthcare for Africa. We're looking for visionary - crazy - entrepreneurs who have the passion, grit, execution and ability to grow 10x within 5-7 years.

To support you, we invest an initial $50k-$500k, and can expand to $200k-$2m (Equity, SAFE, venture debt etc.) into tech and tech-enabled healthtech, medtech and biotech startups/SMEs across Africa, with a primary focus on East to West Africa, with options to invest in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and South Africa.

We also have ties with Villgro Africa (www.villgroafrica.org) and other incubators (Healthtech Hub Kigali, OneBio Cape Town, Bio Citi, Founders Factory Africa etc.) and links to corporates (JnJ, Boehringer Ingelheim, Nvidia, Sanofi etc.) to coach, mentor and grow your company. We focus on 4Cs: Capital, Community, Coaching and Crazy 10x growth.

If you recognize yourself in the above, apply below. We will review submissions and respond to you within 2 weeks.

This form will take about ~10-15 minutes to complete. Good luck !

More about us: www.jazarift.vc
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