Dodger Coffee Co Market Interest Indication Form
If you are interested in participating in the Dodger Coffee Co Market, please fill the information in below. If these questions don't all apply to you, don't be discouraged. We're simply looking to get to know you quickly and efficiently!
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If you said Yes to that last question, what's the business? Otherwise just skip this.
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Are you or your business currently negatively impacted by current world events? *
This doesn't really impact our final decision but we are trying to prioritize artists and businesses that have a need we can help meet.
Were you previously aware of Dodger Coffee Co, or Dexbonus (Dodger, Presshearttocontinue, Brooke, why so many names!?) before hearing about this program? *
Don't worry if you're new to us, we're excited by that! We just want to know how much about our community we'll need to go through with you.
Do you understand that Dodger Coffee Co is a small brand and while we want to help, we are not likely to generate large sales volumes. *
Just making sure you're aware.
Do you understand that Dodger Coffee Co is not looking for mass produced/name brand items that you are trying to dropship/resell? *
We're looking for artists/makers/small businesses who make their own stuff.
Anything else you'd like to share with us?
Did we miss something important? Have some additional information we should be aware of? Just need to vent?
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