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This open source database aims to collect instances of the normalization of Donald Trump and white nationalism by major media companies and public figures.

Trump's campaign was explicitly about white supremacist violence, and his presidency will be the same. In the week following his election, people began noticing how major media corporations downplayed, dignified, and ignored this violence. The effect of this coverage is to make the violent words and deeds of white supremacy and white nationalism seem normal and acceptable. The complacency this engenders is a necessary condition of any violent regime.

Examples of normalization include: calling Steve Bannon a "controversial" "firebrand" instead of a violent white nationalist; calling for people to give Trump a chance as president, as though he hasn't already shown himself to be violent; and appealing to the legitimacy of Trump's electoral victory as evidence of his rightness to lead.

This database aims to collect, categorize, and disseminate instances of media normalization so that the trend can be understood, analyzed, and combatted by as many people as possible.

Information submitted is curated and added to a Google Doc by Zach Howe. That Google Doc is available as a public resource. All the info you provide helps make this database more searchable and useful. Please fill out as much as you can. Any information you don't enter may be added by Zach; he will also add tags to track the subjects covered and methods of normalization used.

Here's the database:

Please share with anyone!
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