Startup | Build | Accelerate Lecture Series
Being an entrepreneur brings in the galore of marmaladious chattel alongwith constituting of ups, downs, joys and disappointment, all of them being one of its kind. Now, how does it sound like to be listening and learning at each and every aspect of it and being cognizant with all its nitty gritties from the ones who themselves broke its ceiling in their own way? Adrenalating, right? No doubt, sometimes a little piece of advice or wisdom from a brilliant mind can help you motor through even the most difficult of times.
Walking on the same ponder-steps, eSummit NSIT, 2018 is delighted to announce the lecture series bringing the best of the profound minds to all the wanterpreneurs out there!

P.S : Event invites are limited and will be given on first come basis.

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