Prodigy Finance ComputeFest Exploratory Visualization Contest

The contest runs from Tuesday Jan 10th 11.30AM to Thursday Jan 12th 11.59PM. IACS affiliates (staff and post-docs) are nor eligible. The maximum team size is 2 people, but you can compete individually.

Prodigy Finance ( has very generously sponsored the ComputeFest and this project in particular. The prizes they have made available are two mystery pieces of electronics for the winning team!

The idea here is to do exploratory visualization in preparation for data analysis. The dataset we will use is from the UCI machine learning repository: . The dataset contains cartographic variables that might be useful in predicting the kind of tree cover. Your visualizations should be useful to an analyst in creating machine learning models to analyze this dataset: you are looking for correlations between the "features" and the kind of tree cover.

The visualizations should preferably use technologies you learned in the Python in Data Science workshop such as matplotlib and Bokeh, but you are free to use other software such as R or Tableau. Make sure to label your axes clearly and caption and legend your images.

The deliverable for this project is a report which puts together these visualizations with some description of the visualizations (no long essays please!). This report should be in PDF or HTML format; Microsoft Word or Apple Pages formats will specifically not be accepted.

Have fun!

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