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The following information will be used to build an archive dedicated to the history of the sneaker. Please fill out as much information as possible, but don't worry if you don't remember exact details. If you're available for a follow-up interview in order to learn more about this particular project or others you might be interested in archiving, leave your contact information for our team to contact you for an interview.
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Let's start with some basic information on the shoe in question. You'll be able to go into detail later, but we want to establish the basic information on who, what, where, why.
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Now that we've challenged your memory with specific details, we'd like to get some broader answers from you. No answer is too short or too long. Let's go!
Creative Inspiration?
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Brief Synopsis of Creation Process
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Key Personal Moments
Thank you for your time today. If you are interested in being contacted to further discuss or share more about this shoe or others, we'd love to connect. Let us know your availability and interest.
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