Volunteer Self- Assessment
This process allows volunteers to assess their capabilities and understand potential deployment expectations once in the field.  As disaster response is a very fluid environment and no deployment mirrors the previous, it is important to understand one’s limitations which can affect the team’s performance and relief efforts.  This self-evaluation is not to dishearten volunteers, but rather to help individuals clearly grasp the physical and psychological demands of working in a disaster zone.

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I can trek 2 miles without difficulty over challenging terrain. *
I can trek carrying 35 lbs for at least one mile daily. *
I can treat patients for 10+ hours a day. *
I am able to sleep in a tent for more than 2 weeks. *
I am able to travel by helicopter, pickup truck cargo bed, boat, on foot. *
I am able to enter into, work and live within an active disaster zone. *
I am able to work in a clinic that treats 200+ patients/day. *
I am able to see patients of all ages with serious and life threatening wounds or illnesses. *
I am able to handle the aftermath of a disaster, including but not limited to, heavy rain, high winds, landslides, flooding or aftershocks. *
I am able to live in a remote, austere environment without access to running water and conventional latrines. *
I am comfortable and have experience with camping. *
I am comfortable not being able to communicate with my family and/or support network for the extent of the trip. *
I am able to follow directions from other medical staff and the team leader. *
I am comfortable working outside of a very structured hospital setting that will not have access to all medicines and medical supplies typically found in an emergency department. *
I am easy to work with and work well with others. *
I am able to contribute and do my part to make sure the mission is accomplished. *
If you answered "no" to any of the above statements, it is highly recommended that you address the topic with the Volunteer Coordinator during your interview.
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